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Kent Weatherley was a key member on a six-person team created to plan, build and operate a global turnkey business. The backbone was an international network of high-security computer-based testing centers, call centers and regional offices.

He directed operations that controlled all aspects of opening and maintaining these businesses including logistics, facilities, staffing, security, computer systems, networks, technical support, training, business policies and practices.  Also, asset acquisitions, distribution and tracking.

An international project like this had never been attempted before.  Outside-the-box thinking and realistic contingency plans were crucial to success.  This approach ensured that the businesses opened on schedule, under budget, often exceeding client expectations and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This experience and innovative thinking provided the basis for very successful operations in such “difficult” locations as India and China.

Within 4 years the network growth was dramatic.

  • Active operations: from 6 cities in 6 countries to 195 cities in 92 countries
  • Regional activities: from 0 to 9 regional offices, 14 regional registration centers
  • Staffing: from 6 to 800+ direct or indirect employees
  • budget: from $4 million to $44 million dollars
  • The company became the recognized world leader in testing and educational services.

Experience Highlights


Operations/Project Management
(PMP Certification)

  • Project Management 20+ yrs multiple projects, multiple disciplines
  • Project Management Office Setup (PMO)
  • Operations Manager for global network of businesses Logistics & Operations
  • Naval Officer Dept. Head: Data Processing, Operations, Public Works
  • ISO 9000/9001 Internal Auditor

Information Technology

  • Data Management and Database Development
  • Systems Integration and Interface Management
  • Systems Analysis


  • Developed/conducted training for managers, employees, international staff, military personnel, contractors
  • Adjunct Professor  –  Morgan State University – Graduate Program – Project Management courses


  • Operations Domestic & International
  • Proven track record in meeting schedules, cutting costs, meeting goals
  • Successes with difficult one-of-a-kind projects and start-up operations
  • Business process re-engineering (BPR)
  • Workflow & information flow analysis
  • Information & data management
  • Cost reduction
  • Vendor negotiations
  • MS Access DB
  • Training development & delivery
  • Extensive international in-country experience
  • International business resources and connections



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