Why Work with Operations International

Getting the information is one thing

  • Knowing the right questions to ask
  • Knowing who to ask and who to trust
  • Understanding the answers you receive

Using the information is something else

  • Knowing what to do with the information
  • Finding the right partners and vendors
  • Understanding how to function in the new environment

Operations International LLC has access to a network of resources and associates in the US and overseas.http://www.dreamstime.com/-image19783019

This unique arrangement means that your project will be managed from the US and yet have the local resources and talent available to meet your business needs at your overseas site.

  • We have the experience, contacts, and innovative thinking to satisfy your needs.

We ensure a smooth operation by identifying obstacles and giving you maps to navigate around them.

  • The big consulting companies will hand over your business to a stranger in another country.

Your business problem is not just another account to be serviced by a big corporation.  We give your business, your livelihood, all the attention you need to feel comfortable.

  • You won’t be frustrated when your in-country representative doesn’t seem to “get” what you want.

You won’t need to explain your business over the telephone to someone who doesn’t know your business.  We will bridge that gap for you.

Since we are based in the US, your project will be based here, but with the appropriate foreign local contacts when you need them.

  • Your costs will be controlled. Our focus is on your profits not ours. We don’t answer to a regional office.

We have a proven track record of finding the better way for you, not the easy way for us.