Business Operations

 Business processes & an organization today that you can grow into tomorrow

Business Process Analysis and Solutions

We listen to you and ask questions.  We take your company’s temperature and learn who you are and what you want and need.  Then we use that information to develop a plan to correct the problem.

Our process is called business process re-engineering.  We look at things across the spectrum like: workflow and information flow, information and data management, business tools, customer relations, costs reduction, product distribution, vendors, etc. As important as the individual components are, the people who drive them and their inter-connectivity is just as critical.

Organization Analysis and Development

We will look carefully at the organization and how well it functions.  Do your work groups operate in silos?  Is your workflow and information flow efficient?    Is the physical layout conducive to getting work done efficiently?  Does your organizational structure create obstacles to efficient work processes?  Are the office politics toxic or interfere with worker to worker relationships?  Do your policies make sense? Why do your reorganizations only seem to make things worse?  We can then offer development solutions for improvement.

Training and Coaching

Organizational change often produces anxiety in the staff. They may feel or may actually be unqualified in an expanded role.  Will a reorganization leave them behind?  Are their job skills out of date?  Do your managers know how to manage?  Are they concerned about keeping  their job?  This is something we take seriously and we can provide management consulting and training including classes or individual coaching developed for your specific needs.